Monday, November 13, 2017

Are They Bruce´s Academy Heir?

I got a video from one Academy Wrestling but I am not sure they are a legitimate sucessor of the reliable provider founded by Bruce in the 90´s that shot dozens of movies under popular brands as AX, ACA, SOAP and WOW. He passed away in June 2011 and I ever heard of a follow-up sales agent afterwards.

Regardless of video source, the fight below between the two gorgeous afro-americans is a pleasant entertainment.



  1. I'm pretty sure Ariel X was heavily involved before Bruce passed and I assume she took over Academy. You have links to their site (and tumbler) and their inventory has many of the old Academy videos so it sure looks the same.

    1. I think the same. What are about Ultimate Surrender? You know they are the same company.

    2. It makes sense: Ariel is a powerful woman inside and outside the ring.