Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fighting Star (1) : Robin

I am starting a new series of blog posts, this time about the main characters in the female fighting business (yes, it is a business that caters for a male (mostly) fetish).

The first one chosen is Robin, (real name removed at fighter request), a veteran who professionally fights since 1989. She worked for dozens of video companies before getting into a solo career and then founding her own video company, Les Femmes Fatales.

Blonde and slim as ever, she is still gorgeous as you can see in the picture. Robin is a rare example of a mix of athlete, actress and entrepreneur in the world of female fighting.

Robin has appeared in many types of combats: fantasy, competitive, mixed, face-sitting oriented and more. Topless, a few cases; naked, as far as I know, never ever.

Early on her career, Robin did many catfights for Joan Wise (another legend as a fighter and manager of a video company) like the one below against Tracy.

In the clip below, in a real competitive combat, Robin makes Nadege (another legend) submit in a fight for Athena2.

In the following one, it is Tina´s turn of getting subdued by a topless Robin in a wrestling video from APL.

Enough to almost fill the front page...

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