Friday, May 23, 2008

In the Raw for Real (2): Women Warriors

The second time I saw a real naked competitive fight was in a production from a long time ago defunct company - Women Warriors. They were successful making videos at the same time combative and erotic when its founder and owner (name? any one remember?) had a heart stroke and passed away. He claimed that not a single frame of his videos were staged; seeing the sample below that could be true.

The clip below came from the Lee Price vs Jasmine match, the one I saw that took my attention as genuine. The fighters - not in their prime though - strive to get a submission employing skills and strength.

As usual in naked Women Warriors productions, at the end of the match the winner had some minutes to enjoy the loser for her pleasure. Unfortunately, the clip does not show that section.

One can still find many Women Warriors productions to sell on the Web at second-hand stores like Female Fighting DVD.

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