Saturday, May 24, 2008


Out of sheer lucky, I have found a clip of and old movie other day and that has sparkled my memories as a female fighting fan. So, be prepared for a nostalgia section...

In the countries where I lived as an young adult, women wrestling was non-existent. Nothing was broadcast on TV and 8mm films from US were beyond my reach. VHS had to be invented yet. So, images of grappling girls had to be static and looked after in the few available foreign magazines. Like the ones below. Sometimes they had two or three pages on women fighting and I had to cope with the few images that illustrated the articles.

But them appeared the movie "Poppy is Also a Flower", an all-star crime production with a story about drug dealers and spies. No big deal, but in the middle of the film, there it was, out of nowhere, an unexpected short wrestling scene in a night club! I recall have seen the movie two times (or maybe it was three) just because the one minute scene in a badly lighted stage. It was the very first time I could see moving images of women in combat. The clip below has that scene (which, of course, still has the bad lighting).

Could you guess who was the movie´s director? The very same Terence Young of "The Battle of the Amazons", who has already been object of comments on this blog for his fondness of female fights.

Once more, praise to the Web, that makes possible to recover the past.

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