Friday, May 2, 2008

Professional Wrestling with Nothing to Hide

There have been some women wrestling managers with the good idea of joining the fascination of pro-fighting with nakedness. As far as I know, the pioneer was Mildred Burke in the 60´s exploiting Super-8 availability at homes. As shown in another post, Mildred followed the pro-wrestling conventions by the book - standard ring, submission holds and pins - but instructed her team of wrestlers to leave the bikinis in the locker room. The results, on my personal opinion, are pretty good.

Only several decades later, another producer - BLOW (Busty Ladies of Wrestling), appeared, this time mixing pro-wrestling with blatant porn. The wrestling part was very bad presented, and the girls usually just did some very fake wrestling moves before engaging in all sort of boring lesbian acts.

More recently, NWWL - Naked Women Wrestling League, entered on the market with the most elaborated show, with a live audience in a relatively big arena, top notch taping quality and even a commissioner: Carmen Electra. Their combats were very similar of other women pro-wrestling shows, with beautiful women executing drops, pile drivers and throws over the ropes.
Mildred Burke has gone long time ago and I haven´t heard of BLOW since some time. As to NWWL, I know they have released two shows on DVD and pay-per-view but don´t know of recent activity.

To compare the styles of the three producers, I put together a clip with short sequences of combats of each producer.


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  1. BLOW confusion; this is not the frankly pathetic Busty LOW but the Beautiful LOW. Anyway, MB was way ahead of her time with her series of 8mm films; just superb. In addition, the first NWWL offering is sexy as hell; forget the storyline .. these chicks look fantastic and know how to wrestle believably as well. Excellent !!