Friday, May 2, 2008

Speech on the State of the Blog

I have resumed posting (or better, started posting) three weeks ago. My intention is to spread information and material I have collected along the years. I know by experience and recent stats that there are many like me around the globe. So, let us just use the Web to pass along the knowledge.

I will post everything related to female fighting (if they let me...). However, there are some variations on the theme which I dislike. Like street fighting and boxing. Even so, I will give some space to these two and a couple more just to give to Blog readers the overall picture. What I will NOT post is mixed wrestling: there are a lot of other places over the Web dealing with that.

A last thing for the moment: I was expecting that after being live for three weeks, Google AdSense would be choosing relevant ads for this audience. So far, this is not true: sorry for that, folks, and let´s wait until Google crawlers identify the subject of this blog.

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