Monday, June 30, 2008

In the Raw for Real (6): Beka

I already told you that the first video of naked women fighting I could watch was one from Festelle in this blog entry. But the first picture I saw of a match in the raw has been from a fight from Beka, the producer from Germany, and that some time before the naked video. And I liked the pictures.

So, I was anxious when I had the opportunity to watch for the first time a full video from Beka. I have to confess that I got disappointed. The fighters were nude, they were attractive if not stunning, they wanted victory, the fight was not scripted, but... it was boring! Maybe they lacked some viciousness, maybe it was the... boots! That caused me a strange impression: why those fully unclothed girls had to use shoes? To avoid a cold in the harsh German winter?

Along the time, I had the opportunity of watching other Beka videos, like the ones below, shot in a gym, with no boots at all! But unfortunately the boredom was the same.

Beka is not active anymore. Should you like them, you can find most of their productions at Amazonen Sports, in the GM film series. They are also available at the Bavarian Wildcats store.


  1. When viewing Beka Films one should always remember that they were shot many years ago and at the time were thought to be leaders in the field.Also I never felt wrestling ranked as one of their best efforts and nude wrestling was rarely if ever seen at the time.

  2. As always, Ken´s comment is on the mark. They did a breakthrough producing and selling naked wrestling fights as sport films, at a time that nakedness was confined to stag films and peep shows.

  3. Another great posting, although as you'll see from a recent posting on my own blog -- catfight photo commentary -- I have a slight disagreement as to the GMC videos. Great work overall and I've also posted a separate recommendation on my blog suggesting folks check our your site.


    The Jobber King

  4. Thanks, Jobber King, for your kind words about this Blog. I have read your commentary on the Catfight Photo Comments and found it very well explained. Watching a couple of girls next door fighting is certainly appealing.

    That is what the blogs are for: exchange of points of view!