Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Some things go away, others come on in fresh. I have deleted a few links because they were going nowhere. Forums are specially fragile these days: they blossom and then they commit one or two missteps and are ruled out of the game. Inactive blogs have been removed too.

One remark I should have done before: I do not endorse any one of these sites and blogs, despite liking pretty much half a dozen of them. I visit them from time to time and have bought products here and there. They do not pay a single penny to be displayed in this blog and I keep my independence to praise and criticize products.

On the Theater section, "Big Wrestlers" and "Tag Teams" have new clips: check them out at the page bottom. And the Female Fighting Search has included many specialty sites in the search scope in the last two weeks and has worked pretty reasonably. Let me remind everybody that it includes mixed wrestling as well.

The image? just a nice fight in ancient times.


  1. A very good and sexy image!
    Where can i find more like this?

  2. It is one of the outstanding drawings by RAZ, great Italian artist and fan of our beloved fetish. You may find more at Eva Contro Eva link in the Blog Favorites section.