Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let me Go (2)

I have missed the headscissors here in the Blog since its first installment more than one month ago. For this reason, I grabbed three other fine samples of this hold from my vault and put them below.

All clips show the moment that the wrestler in the receiving end reverses the position, and then applies the headscissors. I also appreciate the victim struggle to get rid of the hold and sometimes achieving that.

The one below is not the best secured hold I ever seem, but the wrestlers (from TPC Video) are so sexy dressed that I have selected it.

The one below is from Golden Girls and show the victim escaping and getting trapped again and again.

The following is a classic pro-match, very likely from Mildred Burke. A funny thing to notice is the fighters awareness of the camera position, moving around on the mat to deliver the best view to the watchers as the hold evolves.

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