Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catfights Popularity

I have always considered the popularity of catfights in the movies as a given, but I got surprised to know that the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has 249 movies tagged with the catfight keyword! meaning that women fighting has some relevant parts in those listed movies.

It is always good to recall some pictures from one of the most famous catfights in feature movies, the one between the gypsies in James Bond´s "From Russia with Love".


  1. I feel sure this was the film that fired the imagination of many people with regard to girls fighting,the drama of th build up to the fight was fantastic,which is hardly surprising as the Director was Terence Young who had already produced one film featuring two girls wrestling.The title of which I believe was"The Poppy is also a Flower".I have never seen the film only some stills reproduced in a mens mag a number of yars ago.

  2. I had forgotten the "Terence Young Factor": on ten out of ten of his movies, he found an way to insert a catfight scene.
    I saw "The Poppy is also a Flower". Please, check this blog entry:

    There is a short clip there that reproduces that movie fighting scene.

  3. This was the scene that first turned me on to girlfights,and the hottest fight still,although it should have been left to finish.the way those two magnificent animals stare each other out,mumbling insults,as they tie their long skirts round their waists forthe fight is really really sexy

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