Monday, July 7, 2008

Express Delivery

I do not miss the times when a person had to find wrestling outlets addresses, send mail to get the catalogs, then send money orders or checks and, if he were lucky, get his VHS tape (I hope you know what a VHS is) and watch his chosen women fight treat one or two weeks later. Lost money transfers, damaged or wrong tapes, content not matching the descriptions, were just some of the shortcomings of that process.

The Web has dramatically changed that. By the way, how many women fighting business have flourished because now is much easier to market and delivery the media? How much money is on that? Could you imagine a decade ago buying a wrestling video from Argentina or Russia?
And there is still room for improvements in market size: I do not believe the Chinese are able to produce or watch what they want in every part of their country today; Hong Kong can be different, though. Can you imagine a new 1.5 billion people market?

That was just a long introduction to the video-on-demand sites which offer women fight products over the Web. Below we see some of these sites, which I have used from time to time, which operates basically under the same model: either you download you movie or you watch on the screen paying by minute or for the whole product.

There are other providers as well. Some can be just a different front window to the same online store. Or maybe there is just one store with many fronts, I do not know. Most of these outlets are on the porn side of the Web, with a variety of sex fetishes. You have to search for catfighting, women wrestling or a similar, to find your stuff.

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