Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who Was He?

I will break a tradition here: I am going to talk about a guy. And a lucky guy. I have always been curious about a referee of dozens of fights, mostly in Europe but also in US (I cannot recall which one), who kept his coolness even in the middle of beautiful girls, many times topless or naked.

I saw him at many Beka (aka GMC - German Mat Club, as several blog readers have pointed out), Festelle and DWW combats. Who was he? I have never been able to find out. Look at him below amongst topless and naked beauties and wonder if he was paid for this job.

(Look at the comments if you want to know the answer)


  1. I don't know the ucky gentleman's last name, but recall that his first name was Jeff. I don't believe that he was paid for his efforts. If he was compensated, he was beyond lucky.

  2. Isn't that the guy who posted as "Jeff the Ref" at CWWS for years?

  3. The guy is "Jeff the Ref"seen as you say refing for a number of companies,though I have posed the question in my own blog as to where he is now?
    The last time I can recall seeing him keeping order in the ring is about four years ago.

  4. He posted on barb's old message board quite a bit and went by the name of 'Jeff the Ref'. He remarked a couple times that he ended up reffing those matches due to his small size not getting in the way of the camera or action.

    I have no idea how he was able to keep his composure being right there on top of things; he's been right there in the middle of some sexy matches. If it were me, I'd have died.

  5. I think his last job as ref was for DWW, where he was going by the name of "GR". If that is him, he died about a year ago... I remember DWW placing an homage in the name of "GR", when that happened...

  6. Mike - "GR" no doubt stands for Guenter Rottensteiner who is the President / owner of DWW.

    Guenter, I am pretty sure, was alive and well as recently as 2013.

    ... so the mystery of Jeff the Ref continues ...

  7. Guenter Rottensteiner the owner of DWW is alive but not well, and is about to retire from the combat scene and as a result, close down and maybe sell up the DWW empire. However, Jeff The Ref as he is known is still a referee, and has been since the early 80's, when he was referee for some early Festelle topless wrestling and boxing events which at the time, were held above a pub in the East End of London.