Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fighting Cats (4): California Supreme

I was in doubt if I should classify these videos as naked competitive or catfights; but getting a fresh look at these quite old productions, it is clear that those intimate grabs, scratches and hair pullings are more of fighting cats.

California Supreme is an old veteran in the female fighting scene, if not the oldest one alive, having started in the Super-8 movie times. Founded by Ron Dvorkin some forty years ago, they have produced hundreds of competitive, catfights, boxing and mixed combats. Its topless and naked fights were marketed under the Bellstone banner. They also had a line of wrestling cartoons drawn by artists like Rosemary and Glynn.

They have produced videos with some young wrestlers who would be famous later on, like Robin and Lisa-Marie. The samples below do not have a good image quality, but give a good idea of California Supreme catfighting style.

They are still around, but I have not seen much activity on their Internet site lately. They have also a download section at the huge FemaleFightTv Portal.

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