Friday, July 11, 2008

Old Times Are Back

I had uploaded a comics catfight to Google Photos - which you can see in the slide show below - when I found that an old men´s magazine was back online. Yes, it is Cavalier reborn.

They were well known in the female fighting community because they had the good habit of mixing beautiful naked women with catfights stories - The Fight Letters section - and comics. Their site is accepting subscriptions and although not displaying anything related to catfights in their samples yet, I hope they will stay up to the magazine tradition.

Well, below is the comics that came in the issue whose front cover we see above.


  1. Yes, the new Cavalier has catfighting pictorials and lots of letters.

  2. There is a brand new "Maureen vs. Dee" catfight cartoon at Cavalier

  3. If you want to see the catfight stuff, click on "What's New"