Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Places to Start

If you are new to the female fighting scene, just knowing a few online places will help to build your own network and personal bookmarks library.

For links, start at Female Fight Fan, with lots of well organized links. Look also at UFFL and Diane the Valkyrie for additional links which may have slipped away from Female Fight Fan.

For a hefty video producer portal, you cannot be wrong starting with Female Fighting TV and L.Scott Sales, which hosts dozens of female fighting promoters.

As to the video producers themselves, APL, Danube Women Wrestling, GreenEyes and Kontex have plenty of choices on their shelves.

In doubt, you may always get good advice from my blogger colleagues Euro Fighting Girls and Catfight Photo Commentary.

Although not frequently updated, the forum Female Single Combat Club (bilingual russian-english) is a reliable source of women fighting history and social interconnections. Another forum, for fighting comics, is Femfight Comic-Book.

Video sharing is the specialty of You Tube, although tarnished by a hazardous censorship. Female figthing interest groups, like Catfight Fun, Girls Boxing and Fighting and Vicious Female Fighting Clips, are good starting points.

Last but not the least, Yahoo groups can be found at this Group List, compiled by a fan from Japan.

That is it. There are, of course, hundreds of other interesting sites you will have fun in discovering.

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