Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fighting Star (7): Ziggy

Ziggy is one of that relatively small but muscular wrestlers who are always willing to face bigger opponents, giving them much trouble and extracting falls and pins here and there. She is a veteran also, having started at an young age as a bodybuilder, then moving to wrestling and very active until today. She is an adept of jiu-jitsu, does boxing as well and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

She has a background both in competitive fights against women and mixed fighting. Headscissors are a favourite Ziggy hold and she uses it to get submissions at the slip up of her opponent, as you can see in the clip below against Julie.

Attire preferences are bikini thongs, having appeared topless in many occasions, as below against Christine Dupree.

The clip below has a brief interview with Ziggy before a wrestling match against Helen von Mott.


  1. Early on Ziggy was a huge favorite of mine , often wrestling for my favorite producer, Premier Productions. She was always in top shape , giving 100% and always had entertaining matches.

    But taking her wrestling so seriously she became so technical and skilled, eventually learning joint locks and such that her matches to me became boring and less sexy when matched with other at her level.

    I applaud her and girls like Helen for being so committed to their sport that they progress to this extent, but when it does the sexuality of the matches isn't as high ... and that is why I think 99% of us watch female wrestling. Just my $ 02.

    Ziggy certainly deserves the 'legend' status, thats for sure! Thanks for the tribute to one of the all time best :>)

  2. I totally agree: the match against Helen is a good example of this.
    And certainly sexuality is the main attraction in female wrestling.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. these (helen vs. ziggy for example) are classic matches.....it#s not nice to watch a trained girl in jiu jitsu against a girl who dosen't have this advantage..but if there fight two women who have a backround of jiu jitsu than it's o.k. I think...I can't imagine a match between Helen and Petra from dww even though it would be great to put it on stage but probably only with pins and no jiu jitsu submissions...

  4. I have wrestled Ziggy several time, first time when she was still in New Jersey, and way before BJJ, her interesting being ignited when she first met and was defeated by Helen VM in a KenStar video match. Last time was a couple of years ago in Florida.

    1. She is one of the nicest and most interesting wrestlers in the business.
    2. Her early tapes with Premier were among the most sensual ever made, even when the combatants were fully clothed.
    3. With due respect to the BJJ practicioners, I wish we could put the genie back into the bottle. But alas.

  5. All good and valid comments. Still, I find Ziggy extraordinarily sensual - her match against Julie on Dailymotion is remarkable. Ziggy loves the close, tight action - setting her opponent up for the submission.

    There's a brief clip of Ziggy versus Michele, a buxomy FBB. Ziggy has hr in an armbar, a sleeper and a figure-four choke - very sexy IMO.