Sunday, July 27, 2008

Havoc in the Ring

If two women fighting in a ring was a success with the public, four would double the audience. Moving forward, eight fighters would quadruple the audience and so forth. Wrestling promoters might have had this kind of thoughts, because for some time the so called battle royal - eight wrestlers free for all fighting in a ring - was the main act in many wrestling shows. Not much wrestling happened in those circuses however funny they might be.

I have found a good collection of You Tube clips with a crowd of women wrestlers in the ring and put them on Theater One. In one case, the ring population reached 21 girls! Space for holds and pins should have been quite scarce. It came from GLOW TV show, of course.

These battles show the imagination of wrestling promoters to find variations and this modus lutandi has been part of women wrestling history. That could be more interesting if they have adopted the approach of Double Trouble Wrestling on its video DT483 - Seven Deadly Sinners, with seven naked fighters (a near Battle Royal).

Much better, no? A sample of this video is on the "Naked Fight Smorgasbord" post.

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