Monday, July 28, 2008

Yet More Cavalier Comics (4 of 4)

Fourth and last page of All Blond Brawl, a Cavalier magazine catfight comics. The previous page is here.


  1. Where do you find these great sequntial pages? I've never seen them before and I've seen quite a few pages of female wrestling art.

  2. That was simple: they were scanned from my half a dozen Cavalier magazines which I have recently found getting dust in a case box.

  3. Ah very cool! I look forward to more Cavalier pages and really dig FFT.

    In as non-spammy as I can be, if you dig wrestling art you should check out because there's some wrestling action going on right now.

  4. Sure, I am very fond of wrestling art as well. If you haven´t been there yet, check this Yahoo Group:

    Good reference links are welcome here. I already knew RivalAngels: very, very good material. It is just a matter of time to have it in the links section.

    Thanks for the comments.