Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Fighters, Big Wrestling

Everything is big here: fighters size, their resolve to win, and fighting skills. I was in doubt if I should call this entry "fight of thighs" because of the muscularity and size of these body parts in both wrestlers, which they effectivelly use to get falls.

The fight is a DWW production and it has the ever popular Petra against Ilona, both from Czech Republic. The clip shows some of the moments of this close contest. And it starts with our well known Jeff the Ref (see Who Was He?) announcing the contestants.


  1. The one thing DWW seem to have over everyone else is the ability to find big girls,not fat girls,silicone enhanced girls,or steroid sisters but genuine six footers with good bodies.The thing theses girls can do possibly better than anyone else is mxed bouts where they really can hold their own.

  2. Absolutely, Ken. However, looking at their present wrestlers roster, there are so many retired - including the two in the clip - or in a leaving of absence, that maybe they are running out of supplies in that size range. A pity.