Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tapping Out (2)

The most correct title for this series should have been Tapping Out or ... Crying! As the clip shows, the defeated girl has no time or strength to tap out and just screams to the referee who stops the combat right away. Judging by the ring setup, I guess it was a fight from some Women´s Wrestling Convention (WWC). I have no information about the fighters.


  1. You are right the clip is from the convention of a few years ago,but I have to admit the girls competing defeat me.The one in red I feel I should know as I believe her to be from the DWW outfit.Hopefully some one will put us both right.

  2. The wrestlers are: Vera from Danube (red suit) and Krissy from The Ring Women. WWC 1998 (I think)

  3. Excellent clip,genuine fight with the garbled cry of submission.This is how it should be ,