Friday, September 19, 2008

Entangled Swimsuits

This is the fight with the attributes I like: close competition, natural and sexy girls if not beauties, slow pace, skimpy swimsuits, submissions and wedgies here and there. We even have some face sitting pins. And the fighters also enjoyed the combat because at the end the referee had to drag the pinning girl from the top of the other.

For the record, Georgina is the blonde and Sonia the black fighter. It is probably a Festelle video.


  1. I love matches were the pace is slow rather than fast. Too many matches have the girls wrestling like they've sped up the video. They don't apply holds for long except for headlocks and scissors ; everything else is either kicked out of or released after a few seconds.

    Both of these wrestlers seemed upset that the goof split them up ; both looked at him like " What the hell are you doing ? Mind your own business ! "

  2. yeah i think this video was really amazing the woman in the dark swimsuit was really kickin ass!!!