Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fighting Star (11): Helen Von Mott

This is a legendary woman warrior and probably the strongest fighter in her weight class. I am talking about Helen von Mott who has pursued a multiple career as wrestler, coach and video producer. Born in 1970, she started as one of the GLOW characters - Jersey Jean (who has any photo of her?), worked as a stunt woman in Hollywood and fought for several producers: Lilith Productions, Joan Wise, Les Femmes Fatales and others. Eventually, she founded her own company - Virago, nowadays, where she continues her exploits. By the way, the introduction section on her site is an interesting reading.

Helen has a powerful body, specially waist down and she uses that to get wrestling submissions as you can see in the video below. And she is sexy too ...

The video has Helen against Momo and Denise - not fully ripped yet but already skilled, then Ziggy and two sequences of brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - the later against Josephine, which Helen became an adept of.

More biographical data can be found at the Female Single Combat Club and Diana the Valkyrie. Besides, Helen owns an YouTube channel - Taominatrix, and an Yahoo Group.

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