Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tapping Out (3)

It is rare a real choke submission: in the pro-wrestling, they are fake and in competitive fights they are not allowed (mostly). So, this clip of Utopia Entertainment is an oddity because the submited girl has almost certainly tapped out because her lungs are missing air; her red face is a testimony of that.



  1. I think this Kyla Luciano submitting Gia Primo. It's rare to see two session wrestlers in a legit match - it musn't be good for business when you lose :)

  2. You think right.

    But on every fight there was a looser and a winner.
    So why shouldn't it be good?
    If all think so, wo wont be able to see any fight.

  3. Keep in mind Kyla was a blue belt and Gia was brand-new to the wrestling scene. Things would be incredibly different if the match happened today.