Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wrestling Beauties (2): The Far South Girl

The girl in focus is Lisa-Marie, a beauty from New Zealand who came to United States in the 80´s to enter into the glamorous and competitive wrestling scenario. Tall, gorgeous and strong, with beautiful green eyes, she got many fans wrestling for a lot of companies: California Supreme, Video Sports, Joan Wise, TPC, Women Warriors (the best fights in my opinion) and others.

Blonde or not, usually with a long hair fastened at the top like the helmet of a Queen´s guard, she has (had? where is she now?) plenty of assets to please female wrestling spectators.

The fighting video sample is relatively long with more than 6 minutes of Lisa holds and curves. And it has a good variety of action performed by the Kiwi. It starts with a rare bout against Robin for California Supreme (swimsuit and topless), continues battling Alysa for the same company and then for TPC video with an unknown fighter. Returns with Lisa being beaten by Sally McNeil (Women Warriors) and then the two best parts: against Raven for Joan Wise and finally facing Jacqueline for Women Warriors, both in the nude and with an erotic ending.



  1. Hi, thank you very much for this stuff; I am also a fan of Lisa-Marie.
    I had a channel on YT (also subscribed by yourself) but now suspended, in which I uploaded and requested stuff about her.

  2. Does anone know if Lisa-Marie was able to win any submissions against Sally MacNeil?

  3. At the end of the fight she almost managed a submission. But Sally was a fighting bull at the time and did not allow anything to Lisa but sweat and pain.

  4. THe 2 clips of Lisa Marie of TPC are first against blonde Norwegian Hayley to whom Lisa Marie lost in a best out of 3 matches as Hayley was focussed on humiliating powerhouse Lisa Marie and the 2nd clip is against Italian Luna Winters in the floral briefs.
    The 2 matches in the nude at the end of the collage are to my knownledge the only 2 times Lisa Marie did fight in the nude.