Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Pepper

Following yesterday´s post, a Blog reader has made a remark on Amy Lewinski wrestling skills and I got curious about the mentioned fight against Nadege. It is one of the combats of "Summer Sweat" of Video Sports and on the trailer one can watch an wonderful display of beauty, wrestling and, of course, sweat.

Alas, I have never seem the whole video. By the sample, it looks all the way competitive - as Video Sports used to be. However, Nadege and Amy are so young and fresh (were they over 18???) in the images, being not more than spirited rookies; later on, Nadege became an accomplished fighter while Amy did not improve significantly her skills. Just food for thought.


  1. Video Sports are a great loss to the business having produced some good work in a short space of time.I have featured a couple of clips from them in my own blog.A good bench mark I find in any effort is sweat,an indicator of the energy put into a fight and these girls really do sweat!!!!

  2. There is a thread in the Helen Von Mott group, indicating Helen put Amy against a much more skilled opponent. Amy was humilated, and it sounded like Amy/Helen relationship ended.

    She clearly knows what she is doing, though, and is fun to watch. You should look at Wild Things in CaliforniaWildcats (sister company to Video Sports). Amy and Nadege in a nude sexfight. Blistering!!