Friday, October 17, 2008

The Red Pepper

I wanted to talk about Amy Lewinski but it was difficult to choose a category for her. Competitive? Yes and no. Fantasy wrestler? Sometimes. Beauty/ Yes, but not remarkable. Entrepreneuse? Definitely not. Lacking anything better, I have decided for the less stringent word "personality". And a personality of the world of women fighting, she certainly is. In a small frame, we find a well distributed body, a smiling and childish face and a relentless determination. And the red hair, of course.

Not much of her wrestling history is available: she was trained by Helen von Mott at the Virago gym and besides this producer, she appeared in videos from DWW, Academy, California Wildcats, Video Sports and possibly a couple of others. 

I got to know Amy through the Academy productions where she usually was on the winning side, applying with dexterity joint and knot holds. As she was one of the most popular wrestlers in the naked AX titles of Academy, I quickly became her fan.

However, in the competitive arena, she did not make so well. In fact, it was difficult to find submissions or pins applied by her - there is one in the samples clip below against Ann. And I never watched her getting a victory in a fully competitive fight. That is somewhat strange because she was always quite combative and had some muscles in that sexy body.

Anyway, I guess she got more known due to her semi-competitive fights (scripted, to say the truth) with erotic tones. Not shy in displaying her attributes, she has appeared either with the skimpiest attires - see the red one above, or in full flesh.

In the samples clip, we have two competitive segments from DWW - one against Svetlana and other against Ann, a couple of minutes from Academy where she put the opponents to suffer (or be smothered...), and finally in a full erotic show for California Wildcats V241 against (or with...) Aria.


  1. Is Amy Lewinski the same girl Cal Wildcats would list as 'AMY O' ?

    If so, I always thought she was regarded as a very skilled wrestler. I may be wrong about that but based my rating on seeing her and Nadege wrestle a very long, tough match to a draw for VSL. Nadege is regarded as one of the best so I assumed Amy O was right up there with her in ratings.

    Are these two different girls ?

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    2. Hi, catfighter. I do not trade videos. Sorry.

  2. Yes, Amy O. is Amy Lewinski as far as my bad eyesight can see. See the next Blog post, please, for a follow-up. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Are you saying Amy's work for Academy wasn't competitive? If so, would you consider it semi-competitive, and in what sense, or scripted?

  4. Thanks for these looks of some Amy"s matches.As you said she wasn"t a great wrestler foe example Vera beat her at the 2000 convention,Svetlana also demolished her etc....a much better fighter seemed Grace(also in some dww clips)..But I am a fan of Amy since she wrestled for academy productions. She is very beutiful,one of the sexiest in the business and that is more important than seeing some jiu jitsu robots wrestling.

  5. Academy´s videos are not competitive as the ones from DWW, Fighting Style, to mention a few.
    But you have touched a good point. To me, a semi-competitive is a fight where the girls have not decided in advance who is going to win but they do not care that much: they are there just for fun. Or the money.
    In a scripted fight, everything is a choreography: moves, faces and the winner.
    So, using this as a rule, Academy AX titles seem to me to fall in the scripted category.

  6. Re: Amy, what I would say is that at the Academy she often adjusts her competition level to that of her opponent. You'll notice when she wrestles for other companies that favor is not returned. I like Amy as a victim, especially after dominating the Academy and then finally meeting her match elsewhere, though I would also have liked her to stay and take on Abby.

    I don't know what would make the AX series in general scripted. I haven’t seen scripted moves (like pro) that are different from regular submission wrestling. OK they cop an occasional feel or kiss but who can blame them?

  7. That has been the most commented post by far!
    My remark about AX videos are scripted is based on the fact that there are no clear submissions, fight duration is standard (compare to Women Warriors, for example), ends with a long domination without much resistance, they take off their bikinis after some minutes, etc.
    Anyway, I do not want to have the last word on the subject: it is just a point of view.