Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Making Of A Fight

One of the more interesting aspects in the female fighting industry is the backstage. What really happens there? Is the fight for real or it is a carefully staged bout with good actresses? Is it fully scripted, some harmless competition is allowed or it is an all-the-way brawl?

To partially satisfy the Blog readers, I brought these backstage scenes from a AbbyWinters production, already mentioned here. Watch the camaraderie, the easygoing setting and the crew that is necessary for a professional video.

It took my attention that some girls are laughing during the shooting as saying: "it is funny, why somebody would buy and watch this?". I remember a back stage scene like this in a DWW fight where the wrestling rookies were told by the instructor "to never laugh or even smile" to not make the combat just a funny thing.

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  1. That's the one thing I don't like about DWW: Everything's so serious (with a few exceptions). I don't want wrestlers to be laughing so much that they don't try hard to win, but there's a difference between "funny" and "fun," and I like to see them having a good time. Tina and Robin laughed their way through a match for Joan Wise, and it's one of my favorite matches ever.