Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Battle Of Stars (1): Xana vs Amy Lewinski

In several occasions we could watch two of our fighting celebrities facing each other under a given set of rules. That is the case of the combat below, held in Europe (see this previous post), with Amy Lewinski challenging Xana. A funny thing is to realize the size difference between Amy and the referee, very likely another star, Helen Von Mott, in an unusual role.



  1. OMG! How did this one pan out and where can I buy it?
    I'd like to think Any got the result. She always seems a lovely girl. Preoared to wrestle a girl to submission and then take her to heaven in orgasmic consolation.

  2. I do not know the result! I have got only the parts shown in the post. You can find the video at Anne Hurricane (

  3. Yes, that's HVM - I don't think she fought at this tourney, she was much bigger and better skilled than the other participants. She did look good in thongs and black boots though :)

    I had this tape a while back - I think Xana won.

  4. Amy is pretty brave in this fight,but Xana is much more skilled.It's always a pleasure to watch Amy