Friday, June 12, 2009

More On The Delta Troup

As promised, I am publishing another sample video about the competitive side of Delta Tiger Lillies, a company not active anymore but with a respectable legacy of good women wrestling.

Good news is that there will be a third and final installment of samples.


  1. Thanks. Yet another reminder of what we're missing these days.

    You have anything on Cammie Lusko?

  2. Sue is awesome.

  3. Will you post more from this producer?

  4. Not sure If I have more material on DTL: have to check my archives.

    Same answer for the Cammie Lusko question above.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. Back when they first started, their fights were completely competitive and dressed - meaning they struggled to sell them :( However, they had a unique pricing policy. Since there is no way of knowing how long a real, unscripted match will go, they charged $1.00 per minute. A 9 minute match cost $9.00; a 29 minute match cost $29.00.

    Nice people who treated their girls well.