Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Tiny Dynamo: The Fighter

The publication of a post about the Women Warriors video makers, featuring the brave Tina from Sweden, has generated a lot of interest and I have decided to make a compilation of her fights for several companies in Europe and US.

I believe her first appearance had been for Festelle against Anju (1st video segment) showing an outward freshness and high spirits. Apparently, she had not had many classes on wrestling before but she learnt quickly and in her very second bout she managed to dominate another fierce wrestler, Clare (2nd video segment).

She did more competitive fights for Festelle, like the one against Anita (3rd video segment), where she was thoroughly beaten. Tina then moved to DWW, now as an experienced wrestler: she appears against Andrea, first with some piece of clothing (4th segment) and then naked (5th). Still for DWW, she appears against Helga (6th) and Eveline (7th). This last on ends with a bad mood between the two tempered fighters. We add a small interview with Tina (8th segment), an opportunity to see our heroine out of the mats for once.

She would appear in at least another competitive fight later on, but her preferences had moved towards to the staged fights sub-genre, either in apartment catfights or in a ring, having worked for Joan Wise, Leather & Lace and California Wildcats. But for that part of the story you will have to wait until next Thursday...


  1. Thursday can't come fast to see Greeneyes video posts, especially with Tina!

  2. The great nudefightsequence in
    this clip is from Festelle:
    FV 112: Anita vs Tina. this is
    one of the very best and most
    intense nude wrestlingmatches
    i have ever seen. Welltrained
    women, no sex, brutal holds.
    A must for lovers of real brutal
    competitive female nudefighting!

    1. I agree, it was an epic fight that went on and on, neither woman wanted to give the other the satisfaction of winning, so they kept fighting. The audience got more quiet as the tension increased, it was obvious it had become a fight and was very personal. I think the audience became uncomfortable witnessing what they thought would be a wrestling match but became a brawl between the two ladies and perhaps thought the fight should be stopped. The tone of those that did call encouragement late in the match seemed to be urging them to calm down. Just my thoughts, having watched the fight many times over the years. Some of the most brutal hair pulling I have seen and I have never seen such serious action in a nude match.

  3. hey

    i am a great Tina fan. Saw her fight with eveline and anita. does she still wrestle

    1. Yes, I also like her temper. She would be a veteran today; I don´t think she is active nowadays.

  4. Where can i get her vids. there is festelle and DWW. Any others

  5. Yes, there are others: APL (maybe out of catalog), Leather & Lace, TPC, Women Warriors (try Rockin-Roxanne "second hand" sales), Joan Wise, besides the two you mentioned. Please, give a look at Tina tab (left column of Blog page) for more posts on the Swedish pepper and fighting sources.