Friday, June 26, 2009

Under The Sun Of California

I do not know of any other female wrestling promoter older than California Supreme. I wonder if they have not started in the silent movies age. Well, some of its earliest movies are silent with a musical background only! They have more than forty years on the road, based on their statements ... and on the image quality of older videos.

Most of CalSupreme productions have been shot in a small room with the inevitable blackboard where the match score was anotated. Other staple was the initial scene depicting a reproduction of a painting with a fight on the beach.

Here we have a sample of their goods. The initial clips were converted from 8mm films and image color varies all over the spectrum. Fighting style was semi-competitive under a direct supervision of the founder and manager - Ron Dvorkin, who used to closely watch the fights to guarantee no one would be seriously injured. You might even notice Ron himself in two of the clips checking the strenght applied in the holds!

California Supreme has videos with well known fighters like Robin, Raven, Lisa-Marie, Kristie Ertzold, Tina (who appears in a boxing clip above) and others.

They also used to sell cartoons of high graphical quality - e.g. by Glynn and Rosemary, using a sister brand - Bellstone.

I will post more on California Supreme next week.

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  1. I'm always baffled as to how these escape being taken off Prudetube,we all know they hate bare breasts.