Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where Is The Beef? There Is More Here

That is the second post about Premier Productions saga (first is here). The company has evolved along the time: topless is the rule now and not the exception and; besides the size, the girls have more muscle too! (and more polymers in certain body parts...).

Here follows the samples collection: half of them has the star Charlene Rink as the protagonist.

Curiously, they have never been my first choice on female fighting: the women are beauties and well shaped, clothes are spare, there is wrestling involved, but... it is somewhat unreal.


  1. As I stated earlier and after reviewing the clips (thanks so much), I really do think the quality of the wrestling declined over the years. The exception, of course, is Ziggy. I think she mostly "wrestled down" in later years to give at least the illusion of real competition, but I know she really did enjoy a good matchup when she was presented with one. How about a post just on her, and maybe you could even get her comments. I would love to see the original Ziggy/HvM matchup from Kenstar.

  2. Nice double post of Charlene Rink! Premier Productions & Bill Wick was my first exposure to see fbb in wrestling. Way back when they used to have ads in the back of old pro wrestling magazines. I don't think it was the company's goal to produce high quality wrestling vids, but rather teach basic wrestling to fbb & fitness models and let them go at it. I've grown to like this type of style so it doesn't really bother me that they don't know much about wrestling. However, having those ladies go up against someone more seasoned like Ziggy is a treat. I'd like to see how they do against Helen Von Mott :)

  3. Thanks again for these great clips. The comments describing the clip is bang-on - PP has all the elements but it is lacking something. I say it is intensity - some PP matches have dozens of submissions, and the most complicated holds are scissors and maybe grapevines. The earlier vids with Christine Marshall, Ziggy, etc. are superb.

    Like Nodoubt, I do enjoy watching Ziggy submit FBBs like Heather, Michele, Anita Ramsey, etc.

  4. Have bought many Premier Productions (Toughgirls) products and must say I'm VERY PLEASED with their offerings.

    The women are gorgeous and the events are topstar.

    This company has exploded the fem-vs-fem scene with great participants and genres.

    They can't get enough of my praise.

  5. Wish somebody would post the double body scissors segment at the 32 minute mark of the premier 84 muscle queen of New York between April and Athena. This use to be on daileymotion until it got yanked. Very hot stuff !