Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of Stars (4): Christine Dupree vs Robin

Once more, two legends collide for the Battle of Stars series: Robin and Christine Dupree. And what collision!

A few other images from this combat here.


  1. Great fight as might be expected.
    Apologies for this query. It might not be doable or allowable. But is there a way to download clips like this to ones computor for transfere to DVD purely for home use?

  2. There are many browser download plug-ins available: I use Real Player ( with Google Chrome browser. Both are free. You might have to experiment with an workable pair of browser+plugin if you do not want use the combination above.
    If you want to watch the clip on your TV set, you must have a DVD burner software (like Nero).

  3. Great fight Christine won this one, but Robin took also revenge in other fights...I remember a short clip some years ago (on Robin's myspace page) where Robin submitted Christine.Dupree had a sexy red bra and thongs while Robin was in yellow if I remember correctly

  4. Thanks Astro...
    For a great site and good advice.

  5. These two fems are always gorgeous and great.

    They have tons of experience and a hell of a lot of wrestling sessions between 'em and doubtless will have more.

    I give 'em high-five's all around.

  6. They had a great match for Wwomen Warriors. Christine used an armbar for the last submission, which may have been against the rules for that match - Robin left in tears.