Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Prison´s Pool

To the ones missing the Women In Prison (WIP) fight category, there goes a good two and a half minutes of the genre. It is from a certain "Caged Women" feature movie but there are half a dozen names like that at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). I guess few will care about the right name and more the fight scene below in a swamp covered by a luscious tapestry of water plants.


  1. The scene is from Caged Women (1992) produced in 1990, aka La Prede umane (Italy), Quartier Haute Sécurité pour Femmes - QHS (France), Insel der gequälten Frauen (Germany), and Caged Women: Gepeinigt und gequält (Austria, 2006-08-15 dvd). I wonder how it did not stick more into your memory!
    The four girls have been released from prison - only to be hunted down by a team of men, armed with cocked guns and lurid grins. Two local girls are set to fight the gringas, and we're at the scene in question.
    American tourist Janet Cooper (played by tall brunette PILAR ORIVE) fights another girl (eventually CATIA CASTELLO BRANCO); this is the longer fight, ending ashore in a strangle hold. Janet's blonde cellmate Louise (ISABEL LIBOSSART) is attacked with a whig by a black girl (probably EDITH FERNANDES), and loses the fight.
    Sargeant Flores (RONALD RUSSO) and his men were attentive not to let the girls go to some final decision, because the gringas had to be let loose and naked next day as rabbits for a human hunt by high paying guests...
    The last frames show former Miss Euskadi PILAR ORIVE walking tall in the prison parade.

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