Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pale & Sexy

They are not naked but those sexy outfits more than compensate in eroticism. The blond suit should have required a lot of engineering to make those straps hold together. The pale in the Blog entry refers to both the skin color of the large fighter (who was she? the brunette is Lynn Marie/Treena Collins) as to the color of the movie.



  1. The blond lady looks like a very young Shelley"The Burbank Bomber"

  2. Believe it or not the blond is Nancy Novak pre-weight loss and breast reduction.

  3. Earl, I was not believing until I saw the clip again full screen. And it is an young Nancy on the movie!!!


  4. Previously, Treena Collins in fact wrestled under the name 'Lisa Marie', mostly for TPC.

  5. I have post a comment elsewhere that after years of watching Lisa/Lynn/Treena I never took notice they are the same person.

    Adding the Nancy blunder, I guess I am in need of new glasses since a long time ago...

    (or I was looking elsewhere...)