Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Was It Just A Coincidence?

Last Sunday, I published on Theater One a bunch of ceiling holds clips from our "love it/hate it" YouTube. Five or six clips came from CHCentral YouTube user, an expert on this wrestling hold. To my surprise, I got to know that his account was just disabled and the clips went to the black hole where inconvenient images - whatever the reason - are send to by YouTube.

Well, I hope I had not been the unintentional trigger of that unfortunate event... Anyway, the guilty clips used on Theater One are here with the due credits. What was the problem?



  1. Don't worry; I really doubt if it's either CHCentral's or your fault ...

    The GooTube (as most know, Google owns YouTube) has gone ballistic like this many times probably because of some stupid (inadvertent ?) error or T-O-S rule (violation ?).

    The more this crap happens the more incentive pissed-off GooTube posters have to go elsewhere.

    ... and believe me, they do.

  2. CHC here - Interestingly enough, I received a PM from a YT user called "skwflagger3" who said not to post SleeperKid's World clips because they get flagged and accounts become disabled.

    Two hours later, CHCentral was escorted off the YT stage.

    I don't know if skwflagger3 was genuinely trying to warn me, or if he was just announcing his intentions before nailing CHC.

    I PMed him under my new YT name - CHCentral2 - But he has yet to respond in over 2 weeks, so your guess is as good as mine.

    I've always tried not to step on any copyright toes. I always make it clear on my Ceiling Hold vids that the copyrights do not belong to CHC and to always make the effort to point people to the place where they can purchase those Ceiling Hold-related clips & videos.

    I'm going to work on breathing life into CHCentral2, just without the SKW clips. Too bad, because SK and the gang have produced some well-executed Ceiling Hold clips in the past, and I was hoping to help drive some business their way.

    By the way, thanks for the publicity, FFT. I’ve been a quiet fan of your blog for quite some time (especially the Ceiling Hold clips), and to be mentioned was quite a thrill. Let’s see if we can’t keep some of that magic going for CHCentral2 :)

    - CHC

  3. Good to hear from you, Ben. Your CH clips are pretty good and I have to say thanks. Hope you might create another CH library in CHCentral2 with the same quality of the first one, even without Sleeper Kid. By the way, their CHs ARE available in the Blog. And, in addition to your comments on copyrights, if any producer feels being ripped off by any images published here, just raise the hands and the material will be removed. So far, after 15 months alive, nobody has complained. And I believe I have generated some purchase traffic to their operations which compensate the exposition here.

    Again, thanks for your comments and good lucky!