Monday, August 24, 2009

Battle of Stars (9): Nancy Novak vs Lee Price

You might dispute the stardom of Nancy Novak but she had her moments as a fighter before fully engaging in the dominance arena. She had appeared on the Blog here - as the fetish queen, and here against Treena Collins. So, it was natural to depict her against Lee Price, one of our legends, in this Battle of Stars series.

It is an old video of Joan Wise and the two women are in top body shape. In my opinion, it is a nice semi-competitive fight.



  1. I used to own this video. It's fantastic. Hinted at in the end of the video clip you posted, Ms. Novak thereafter proceeds to demolish the athletic Ms. Price. Please show the facesitting/head-squeezing finale as a "part two"!

  2. Unfortunately, I do not have the final segment...

  3. By Panther100:

    Nope, I really don't dispute the stardom of Nancy Novak and the other Joan Wise fem wrestlers who engage in competitive or near-competitive fem wrestling but I have to disagree with those who like face-sitting.

    Like, what's so great about derrieres in the face ? ... Sexy ? ...

    ... otherwise, a really good clip.

    Love the double-body scissoring (that is what is so-o-o-o-o-o sexy).

    (Moderator comment: I took off just one phrase from the original: hope Panther100 doesn´t mind)

    1. face sitting is the best of wrestling with women.

  4. Yes, thanks for sharing. I've seen a few clips of Novak's competitive matches -she was (is?) a very good wrestler.

    I'm not surprised that Price ended up being dominated. I love watching her - she is a great "jobber" - her matches against Bea Goffin and Trevelyn are classics.

  5. Although as we can see this match is not for REAL, it does not minimize the true and expert wrestling ability of Nancy Novak. My my opinion she was truly the best at the scissors there was. Although motivated strictly by money, she still was the best.