Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not My Cup Of Tea

A fellow Blog reader asked me to post something on real fights, specifically the Felony Fights producer. There it is a sample - very, very short, of their output.

Putting it in five words: I do not like it. Why? Well, I am not going to begin a blustering speech against them: it is just a matter of opinion.

You could ask me: and other producers that caters for the genre, like Crystal? I think it is a question of the degree of violence involved. I do not like some of Crystal videos either. Human abuse or suffering cannot be source of amusement for others. But it is a tough subject, because all of this stuff of female fighting always involves some degree of simulated or actual pain + humilliation after all. And we enjoy it...

Since I am (more) serious today, I recommend reading "Who´s been sleeping in your head: the secret world of sexual fantasies" by Brett Kahr, and "Arousal: the secret logic of sexual fantasies" by Michael J.Bader, where this enjoyment is discussed, including the female fighting subject right in the initial pages of the first book mentioned...


  1. I never like 'real' fights ... especially when they are egged on by bystanders. That's the main reason I never liked Crystal , besides the Wal Mart Homecoming Queens they rounded up to fight on camera for bail money.

    I think Felony Fights ( if they are still around ) are even worse ... some people are getting really fucked up in their set up fights.

    Yet .... and here comes my hypocrite side ... this specific fight between Jen and Tara I've watched too many times. I disagree with them put together like this to fight out a serious grudge but watched it a bunch of times ... all the time saying how wrong it is .

    Notice the producers ( the girl 'ref' especially ) yelling at themat to 'keep going' even when one girl said she had enough ... What a bunch of assholes. I hate it and hate myself even more for watching..

    I guess I really need to read those two books, LOL.

  2. Fully agree. I saw the entire clip on Youtube. It does absolutely nothing to draw me in to enjoy it. It's just too real with no erotic quality for me.

  3. I will concur with the other comments. I don't find this type of fighting or wrestling entertaining.

    I enjoy watching a nice even wrestling match between 2 evenly proportioned women......meaning height, weight and age if all possible, to see who is the better girl. But not where there literally hurting each other like this.

    I could comprise a list of A- Celebrites female I would love to see confront each other in 2 of 3 fall matches just to see who is stonger, better and would submit to the other women.

  4. If you haven't seen the whole thing ( what's shown here is very brief ) it is a rough, serious fight - done on rocky terrain no less, LOL. They start out hesitantly, but after the first hard punch and hair pull they go all out ; no fucking around.

    The *winner* comes out with deep bite marks on one breast and upper arm while the other has a bloody nose and quits - all the while the FF crew tell her she's NOT done, can you believe it ? I'm really surprised there wasn't more damage done to each other.

  5. This is the first time I'm commenting on a video clip I didn't see:

    I skipped this bullshit altogether, always do skip bullshit like this, and always will skip bullshit like this.

    Look, other than saying I'm on the same page with everybody who agrees with that, there's nothing much for me to add.

    Has anybody said those who video this barf are equally as bad as those who engage in it ? ...

    ... and what about those who enjoy it, you might ask ? ...

    All these dinosaur-dung-brained cave dwellers need a lecture on reverse Darwinism:

    Survival of the dumbest.

    'Nuff said, imho.