Thursday, August 27, 2009

TWF Fetish Variation

TWF stands for tatooed wrestler fights and it is the second female fighting sub-genre I am talking about.

First segment has our well known Ziggy getting the worst part of a BJJ combat from Kathy in an East Coast Cats production, then an Homemade Catfights clip between Amy and Destiny, and finally a Kontex MST E-97 production segment.



  1. For me, this is the biggest turn-off in female fighting, I can't stand to look at muscular, dyke-ish over tattooed women, i'll never visit ultimate surrender ( not my taste anyway ) or fighting style because of it.....thank god for the mostly unblemished women of foxycombat

  2. I've already covered this so I'll just say I'm in full agreement with the first reply comment. I will see Ultimate Surrender because the wrestling is good; I use my video editor to retain the fem wrestling and simply kill the stupid sex scenes. (Don't you just love digital capabilities for the control they give you ? ... No more just take it or leave it.)

    Would someone tell me how this tattoo momentum started ? What in the hell is incentivizing it ?
    Maybe the reverse will lessen it a bit. I don't mind a small tattoo here and there but these major body spreads are just not for me.

  3. Kathi is a well known bjj fighter! It's a pleasure that such kind of fighters appear in the women wrestling business.