Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Is The New Million Dollar Baby?

Several months ago, I posted an entry about the feature movie "Bare Knuckles" - whose plot is in short: an housewife and single mom has to enter the MMA scene to make her life. Then two coincidences happened: I have found a new trailer of the upcoming (when???) movie and also got to know that the veteran wrestler and stuntwoman Spice Williams is in the cast. And I was collecting material about her - an intriguing figure since the times of the Golden Girls wrestling troupe. There goes the trailer and Spice will have to wait a little bit to appear in the Blog.



  1. * Starring * no one you've ever heard of..........

  2. Good trailer.

    Obviously this movie appeals to those who like to see fems pounding for a win as opposed to those (like myself) who'd rather see 'em pin for a win with their strength in closer body contact in the process.

    I have to say I'm always going to be a Big Fan of Spice Williams but I won't be actively trying to see this movie.

  3. The plot of the movie is interesting, it's worth watching it

  4. It will be nice to see Spice again - as noted she is a true pioneer. Her role in this film (based on the trailer) seems similar to the role Sue Sexton played in American Angels - the wily and world-weary veteran.