Monday, September 28, 2009

Battle of Stars (13): Xana vs Ana Paula Leal

Due to the popular demand, the Battle of Stars series is back. This time with our double of wrestler and entrepreneuse, Ana Paula Leal, against the devil from the East, Xana. This late one does not have any mercy with her boss but, at the end, the power of hierarchy prevails.

Fight is cataloged as APL 284.


  1. I likes APL fights. My favourite topless duel is Mutiny vs Ana.

  2. The problem with almost every single APL preview is you can tell they are staged. I know there are one's that are 100% competitive, but not sure whether to trust ordering one, based on these snippets. Ana has 35 lbs on Xana, and while older also is accomplished martial artist, thus the result is a worked match.

    Always a little too much sex sold, instead of eroticism that would come from a competitive topless match if employing Women Warriors template of 100% competitive 3 of 5 submission, with sometimes a sexual ending.

    Ana also boasted the supposed "unbeaten" moniker. Has she last a real competitive fight on video?

  3. I don't like apl because most of their fights are fake. Only the competitive ones are good.But these are so little.

  4. I've also heard about Ana being unbeaten in competitive matches. I did have severla of these matches at one time and she did defeat top-quality women like Weilin Dragoon and Kristie, perhaps even Maggie Jennings if memory serves. To the best of my knowledge, she never fought women like Ziggy - that would have been a great match.

    She did have several matches for DWW way back when that she may have lost.

    Still, a formidable competitor. She had size and martial arts -and a nasty streak at times.

  5. I've heard her nasty streak is cast at many customers who've been dissatisfied with APL's matches.

  6. What happened to Dakota?