Sunday, September 27, 2009

Theater Two: Mommies Go Fighting

Veterans in age but not in spirit are on Theater Two fighting in the rings, mats, streets, yards, wherever is necessary. To complement, samples from "the" place for 40 plus wrestling: Lady Hawke and their competitive fights.



  1. Very nice videos. I love see mature women fighting. .-)

  2. Fantastic clip.Thanks for sharing.The girls beat all those size 10 models we see today.

  3. Like the energy level and competitive spirit. Thanks.

  4. Respect to these women who prove that age is not important. For me the best example is Kristie Etzold. Now she must be some 46 years old and still teaches some of her own wrestling medicine to the younger ones.

  5. The Lady Hawke fems are all first-class. Their terrific full-figures are gorgeous and sexy as hell and their wrestling events were really good.

    I'm glad there are distributors of their videos still around. I'm buying those videos and just wish all the Lady Hawkers would have a reunion or something and make more.

    I bet those videos would still sell very well, imho.

    Great clip.