Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Battle of Stars (15): Large Backs

It is also a vintage bout: has Ana Paula Leal against Venus DeLight, in quite sexy attires. It is semi-competitive and highly erotic, to my view. Well, it might be the fact that every Venus appearance teases me.

It was produced as APL122 and since this house is already reaching video #500, you can figure out its age.



  1. I agree, Venus tends to have a teasing performance when it comes to APL.
    Venus was also dressed in a sexy & very skimpy outfit in het matches against the black Belgian wrestler Tania in which Tania gave Venus a run for her money in multiple occasions.
    Many American performers have been active for APL like Kristie Etzold, Sandy White, Sabrina Stone, Dakota and recently also granny Shelly Renee Berg to name some. APL does have specialty matches like scissor matches, smother matches, grapevine matches, domination matches etc.

  2. Hot, Hot , Hot!
    I love when a wrestler taps out but isn't immediately released.

  3. APL used to be my vendor of chocie and she remains one of my favourite competitive wrestlers. Her claim to fame was that she has never lost a competitive bout (hard to disprove)and has beaten many of the best - Maggie Jennings, Weilin Dragoon, etc.

  4. Much, MUCH Praise and Appreciation !!!

    I always love the fems who show some substantial mass and weight !!!

    Great clip.

    Thanks again.

  5. Thanks, Panther, that has been one of my favorite dishes lately. Of course, there is an upper limit for the size: beyond that, the attraction gets smaller rapidly...

  6. I remember Ana wrote me one day saying Venus showed up each day for the shoots in that series which included APL122, in the nude! Oh if she just would have left the clothes off! As it was Venus was very striking in that outfit.

  7. Ahh--- Venus; she wears some of the sexist outfits ever; she gets
    twisted in some of the most provocative positions,(Rubeye was
    #1 in that category) and Venus is so beautiful....but what a faker!
    The fake pain, the fake cough, the screams really subtract otherwise she would have made my top 20. I almost wish Anna was really punishing her!