Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let Me Go (9): Scrapping The Vault

I have found a bunch of short clips on head scissors - or some variation, like F4s, etc. I can identify some of the sources and fighters, others not. In the first segment it is easy to say we have Nancy Novak for Joan Wise (Vortex?); Sabre Productions in the second, California Supreme in the third and the others I am too lazy today to look after the sources...



  1. If I may fill in some of the blanks...
    The seocnd clip seems to be Cheryl Rusa squeezing Christie Ricci? The fourth clip is Penny Mitchell squeezing Olympia in a pro match and the last clip has Spice Williams squeezing away.


  2. No The second one is a great multi fall KO match between Cheryl and Unique Leigh. Hope you can post more from teh match

  3. The 2nd clip is (I looked it up) of Double Trouble 449: Pro Power - Unique Leigh (pink bikini) vs Cheryl Rusa.

  4. The 4th is Double Trouble: Mia Walters vs unknown, the 5th looks like Fuchsia vs a black girl, the 6th is Spice Williams vs Terri maybe of Golden Girls and in the 3rd blonde bombshell and mudwrestler Shelly Renee Berg in her prime is getting her ass kicked by New Zealnds amazon Lisa Marie in California Supreme VT-177.

  5. All of you could perform very well in a TV quiz show about female wrestling...

    Thanks, folks.