Monday, January 18, 2010

Two Powerhouses

Look at what happens when two strong and skilled fighters clash for Monica Wrestling. They are Flame Dragon and Wildkat with igniting sparks as the struggle goes on. As in many competitive fights, holds stay applied for minutes until one wrestler give up or - rarely, reverses it.



  1. Great if you're into technical skill, but for me it's just....boring, and un-erotic

  2. That's an interesting matchup. FlameDragen had developed quite a reputation - strong, skilled and a temper. I'm not sure who Wildkat is?

  3. Not much information on Wildkat. She has done just two fights for Monica Wrestling. There is one Wildkat fighter mentioned in Pippa L´Vinn site and another Wildkat character (Karen Connors) but this last one is not the same person we see in the clip.

  4. Flame is super tough.I don't think that she attended lately to any events!That's sad because she really was tough like an ox!

    1. session wise not worth it and most events are staged

  5. Thought it was a good clip and I really admire Monica's wrestlers (also those from a similar-style company, Theo's Female Wrestling Zone).

    I can understand how this is boring to some but to see all that effort and tension is a sight to behold, imho.

    Much Thanks.