Sunday, January 17, 2010

Theater Two: Women Fight In Japan

Back to Far East and its huge variety of female fight styles. Not displayable at YouTube, the clip below is an almost pure "facesittingploitation¨, 99%sex, 1%fighting.



  1. Never seen so much face sitting since the old Academy videos, LoL

    I love Japanese wrestling.

  2. fantastic footage!!

    any idea who the producer is? or a link to the original vid? would be much appreciated ...

    cheers for the prolific posting, great stuff

  3. Thanks for the kind remarks!

    Unfortunately, I do not have much information on the clip. The fighters are likely to be Mane and Ara but as to the producer, I have no clue. You may give a look at Battle Japan, an huge purveyor of Japanese fighting videos from many makers: