Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lingerie Shopping

A Blog woman reader (if there is any...) would have plenty of choices to choose her hosiery among the models used by the combatants below. First is from Catfight Haven, second from DWW (bad camera work, not common in the Austrian producer) and the last and best, from Lusa Entertainment.



  1. Very exciting how, at the start of the clip, the brunette takes the upperhand in the hairpulling contest and even pulls her blonde opponent on her knees... very sexy! Great clip, thanksssss!

  2. Just so you know, you have at least one female reader! Me!


    1. Welcome aboard! Feel free to represent the woman view of this manly sport-fetish. Cheers

    2. Let me second that from this blog's creator and also give you A Big Welcome for coming here.

      Here's hoping you're a frequent visitor and continuing commenter.

      [Hmmmmmm ... BTW, ... and here's hoping you're genuine--not a frickin' poser (LOL). Those B.S.'ers eventually get found out. So if you posted for the first time back on April 8th, I hope by now you continue to feel Very Welcome and continue to comment.)

      So again, a female's point of view here is Very Welcome.

      Very Glad you're here.