Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Battle Of Stars (19): Blowing Up

This the 19th episode of this series and it is the first one with wrestling being replaced by boxing. The match features the ever furious Tina against the omnipresent Robin. You have seen in a previous boxing match between these two (few seconds of it here) that Tina did not appreciate punches on the face. This time they agreed in sparing their beautiful looks and allowed only blows into the upper body. Even though, the fight was very aggressive and our tiny dynamo had problems again.



  1. This is the second clip I've seen showing that Robin did topless is her younger days ... as she doesn't any longer. Any serious Robin fans know when she quit doing topless matches ?

    Hey, who's the photographer in such ripped condition doing the still pics of this event ? LOL.

  2. Robin is smokin' hot! I love watching her kicking ass because like Christine Dupree, she is the real deal. In-fukin'-credible. Not only can she look awesome in faked crap but she can actually wrestle and catfight for real!

    UMmmm, this is why I am addicted o this shit.