Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doing The Job

Cheryl Rusa has been (was?) the classical jobber in the female pro-wrestling scene. Of small completion, she could be sexy in one moment and dull in another fight, ripped in one and chubby in another fight.

However, for some unknown reason, I always felt some attraction to her. In the sample, we see the brunette against Bobcat in Double Trouble DT473, Flame and Cheryl in Steel Kittens SK006 and SK062, Rene for Triumph and Ebony for Steel Kittens SK235.

I know there are much more about Cheryl but that is what I have about her.



  1. The garter belt fight was hot, but still fakey looking.

  2. Cheryl Rusa was also a well accomplished professional wrestler. She was tag-team partner with Reggie Bennett in the LPWA. She started out as "Lightning", a super-heroine character for GLOW in the 80s. She also helped train Hollywood, and that is enough to make any fan of female wrestling grateful.