Friday, February 12, 2010

Into The Basement: The Last Sigh

It appears that all available naughty women in New York have participated in this Crystal Videos event. For your relief - or deception, this is really the last fight of the night.



  1. oh, i'm sure there's still plenty of naughty girls here in nyc that we'd love to see more of. These were always some of the best videos around, from decent to good looking, real women, with real, not staged, fighting. These hellfire and the crystal video magazines were truly the best, and are sorely missed.

  2. Is the woman with the halter top Annie Sprinkle, the porn star? She looks just like her.

  3. Another fine clip from the basement.

    Much Appreciation and if any more make themselves available they're also highly welcome.

    My Big Admiration in absentia for all the fantastic women who participated and made these events possible (likewise for the videographers).